Difference: Writing Desk vs Computer Desk -Which is Better for you?

When it comes to desks, there are two main types: writing desks and computer desks. Both styles have their pros and cons, but which one is right for you?

Here’s a look at the differences between these two types of desks.

If you’re looking for a desk that will be mainly used for writing, a writing desk is a way to go. These desks are typically smaller in size, making them perfect for purpose of pen and pencil homework, and craft projects but they also have plenty of storage space for all your pens, paper, and other office supplies.

Computer desks, on the other hand, are designed specifically for computers. They have lots of room for your monitor, keyboard, and mouse, as well as extra shelves and drawers for storage.

Difference between desk and table

A desk is a piece of furniture typically used for writing, reading, or eating. A table, on the other hand, is any flat surface that can be elevated to roughly waist height while you’re sitting down. This includes both desks and dining tables. Both are usually made of wood or another sturdy material.

However, some people do use tables for writing purposes. A table may have drawers and cabinets, but a desk typically has more storage space.

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Who Uses Computer desks?

A computer desk is a specific type of desk like NOBELWELL that’s designed to be used with a desktop or laptop. Users who are inclined to computer work on a regular basis, use computer desks.

However, this includes many different types including corner desks, L-shaped desks, and even file cabinet desks. These desks may be small or large, depending on your space requirements. They’re typically made of wood, metal, or both.

Image Showing how computer desk different from writing desks
Image Showing how computer desk different from writing desks

Computer desks are different from writing desks because they have more room for electronic equipment like the monitor and CPU. There will usually also be extra storage options like file drawers or shelves for books, manuals, and other documents. There’s also usually more space to spread out and work on a computer desk than on a writing desk.

Who uses writing desks?

A writing desk is any type of table like tribesigns that’s designed to be used with a pen or pencil as well as paper. Many people use these desks for doing homework, working on craft projects, drawing up plans, or eating a meal.

Image of Showing How writing desk design different from computer desk
Image of Showing how writing desk design different from computer desk

In general, writing desks are smaller than computer desks because they’re designed for people who need to work with pens or pencils. People often use these types of tables for studying as well because there will usually be enough room for all your books and notes right next to you without having to clear off a larger desk first.

Which is Better?

Writing desks are typically smaller than computer desks because they’re designed with pens and pencils in mind, not computers. If you need a desk with lots of storage space but don’t have room for a large computer desk, a writing desk may be the best option. Just make sure there’s enough room for all your school supplies as well as additional storage space.

Shelves can also be incorporated into writing desks, making them even more practical for homework, craft projects, and other types of work. They’re good for people who live in smaller homes or apartments where floor space is limited. However, these desks are usually smaller than computer desks because they don’t need as much room to accommodate larger equipment.

Writing Desk vs Computer Desk: Which is More Durable?

Writing desks are generally less durable than computer desks because they don’t need to accommodate larger equipment. However, the best writing desk is one that has a smooth finish and doesn’t scratch easily. If you find wood with this type of durability, it will usually be better for a writer’s desk than a computer desk in most cases. You should also check to see if a writing desk comes with additional storage space for books and other essentials.

writing desk computer workstation

Computer desks usually have more durability because they require enough room for a computer, monitor, printer, CPU tower, and other large items. People will also use their computer desk for homework or crafts so it has to be able to withstand daily wear-and-tear. Make sure you get a computer desk with at least three drawers for storage of books, pens, pencils, and other items that you might need close at hand.

best type of wood for writing desks

The best wood for a writing desk is one that’s smooth, has a high sheen, and doesn’t easily scratch. Wood with this type of finish will produce the cleanest look and won’t get damaged as easily by pen ink or pencil graphite. For the best durability overall, consider selecting wood-like teak which can stand up to a lot of punishment. Under heavy avoid glass desks always.

Best type of wood for Computer desks

The best wood for a computer desk is something that’s durable, has a smooth finish, and can stand up to heavy use. Most people prefer hardwood like oak or maple because it blends well with most other decor, doesn’t require too much maintenance, and can withstand daily wear and tear even if there are children in the house.

Which Size is Right For Me? 

The best size for a writing desk is one that allows you to use it comfortably. This means finding a desk that’s the right height and fits your body type, particularly if you’re taller or shorter than average. You should also consider whether you want an L-shaped desk, corner desk, or traditional square desk. It is always better to have a height-adjustable desk.

choosing right desk size

Do not forget to measure your desk before buying it so you know whether the desk will be large enough for your needs. If you have limited space, a limited-width corner desk or L-shaped desk may be the best option because they save floor space while still giving you plenty of work room. You should also consider how much storage space is available. If you need room for lots of books or other items, a traditional writing desk may not be the best option. It would better to go with a computer desk instead because it has more storage space and usually more table area as well.

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What decides the right desk for you?

As you know, writing desks are generally preferred by students. When it comes to writing desks, you have two main options: a slant-front desk or a pedestal desk. Both of these types have slanted tops containing hidden compartments for storing paper and pens.

writing desk types

Slant-front desks typically have a more ornate design, while pedestal desks are often plainer in appearance. The choice is yours.

If you’re in the market for a computer desk, there are also two main options: straight, L-shaped and corner desks. An L-shaped desk consists of two separate pieces and can be used in many different ways. If you have the room, an L-shaped desk will definitely give you more flexibility than a corner desk. Corner desks are designed to fit into a space that’s too tight for an L-shaped desk. This makes them perfect for small spaces, but they do limit the amount of room you have in front and behind your desk for storage.

#1. Purpose

The first step in figuring out which desk is right for you is to decide what its main purpose will be. If you mainly need a desk for writing, a writing desk might be best. It has plenty of storage for all your office supplies and takes up less space than a computer desk, making it ideal for small spaces.

If you’re buying a desk primarily for your computer, you’ll want to get one that has plenty of room for your monitor, keyboard, and mouse. It should also have extra shelves or drawers that can be used to store things like CDs, DVDs, headphones, and other electronics.

#2. Spending Time

How much time will you be spending at your desk? If you need to use your desk for long hours, it might be a good idea to get an ergonomic chair to sit in. These chairs prioritize comfort and health, making them perfect for anyone who spends a lot of time sitting at their desk.

#3. Sizing

The size of your desk is also likely to play a role in which type will be right for you. While writing desks generally take up less space, computer desks might actually take more of your space. Sometimes, the size even ends up with no space when you have a lot of gadgets next to you.

#4. Appearance

Another thing to consider when deciding which type is right for you is the way it looks. If you’re looking to buy a desk that’s mainly an accent piece, a writing desk might be your best bet. It has lots of intricate details and carvings that are sure to add an ornamental touch to any room.

desk appearance

The clean lines on a modern computer desk, on the other hand, are sure to fit in with most interior designs and places.

#5. Price

Last but not least, the price is likely to be an important factor when deciding between a writing desk or a computer desk. Larger desks are generally more expensive than smaller ones. Since computer desks tend to be larger than writing desks, they’re also usually pricier. However, if you need something that will last for decades with proper care and maintenance, you’re sure to save more in the long run with a computer desk.

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substitute desk Types

There are numerous other types of desks as well. Here is some brief information about some of the more common desk types:

substitute desk for writing and computer desk

Laptop Desks

These tables allow you to use a computer or laptop while sitting on a sofa, an easy chair, or even in bed. They usually have a platform near the top that holds your laptop and allows you to conveniently close the laptop cover while you’re not using it.

Wall Desks

This is another good type of desk when space is limited. They are designed to attach directly to a wall so they don’t take up much floor space at all. However, because they are so lightweight and their storage area is so limited, they’re not the best type of desk to use for doing homework or other types of work.

Traditional Desks

These are traditional desks with slightly stronger frames that can accommodate larger items like printers, scanners, monitors, speakers, keyboards, and mice. They often have one or more drawers, shelves, and compartments that provide lots of storage space for all your computer supplies.

Computer Corner Desk

This type of desk is typically made out of wood or other materials. They are more attractive than basic computer desks because they have angular rather than straight-line designs.

Computer corner desks blend in better with more traditional types of décor, including other types of furniture. During the purchase, the desk should always be according to the monitor size you are working with.

Mobile Desks

These are similar to laptop desks, but they have several platform options that can hold multiple laptops or other devices for people who need to use more than one computer at the same time. They usually have a locking mechanism so you can keep an eye on all your devices while you’re away from them. They are especially useful for people who work in public spaces like libraries, coffee shops, or other types of business establishments.

Writing Desk Vs Computer Desk: FAQ’s?

Can a writing desk be used as a computer desk?

A writing desk can be used as a computer desk, however, it is advisable to make sure the size of the writing desk allows for space to set up your monitor and any other peripherals such as a printer or speakers.

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What makes a desk a writing desk?

A writing desk usually has a lower height than most other desks and is designed to accommodate the use of a chair rather than an office type stool. The desktop area can be expansive and there is often provision for storage of books and papers.

What type of desk is good for home use?

Many people like to have L-shaped desks for home use. They can be designed to fit in any corner of the house and provide plenty of surface area for working on projects. Many people like using computer desks or writing desks because they offer clean lines that work well with contemporary décor schemes.

What is the best type of desk to use at home?

A computer desk is one of the most popular choices because it provides a lot of surface area for working without taking up too much space. Writing desks are also great for home use because they provide the perfect work station that’s not too bulky or heavy to move from room to room.


Now that you know more about all of the different types of desks available, it should be easier for you to find one that fits your needs! Remember to take measurements and make sure the desk will fit in its planned location(s) before ordering or buying. Good luck finding the right desk for your home or office.

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