How Worth spending money on an office chair? Read Before You Buy

It’s not always easy justifying spending money on something that doesn’t appear to have an immediate use, like an office chair. However, investing in a comfortable, ergonomic chair like mfavour is actually a wise decision that can save you time and energy in the long run.

In this post, we’ll explore some of the benefits of having an appropriate office chair and discuss some factors to consider when purchasing one. We hope this information will help you make the best decision for your workspace.

Risk of spending money on a cheap chair?

When you’re on a budget, it’s tempting to go for the cheapest chair you can find. After all, if you end up not liking your current work environment or if your back starts hurting after using cheap office chairs for months, it’s really no big deal, right? But what about the long-term effects of sitting in an uncomfortable chair?

ergonomic difference between cheap chair vs expensive worth it

Many individuals forego purchasing a high-quality, ergonomic office chair because they believe it will be too expensive to justify. And while well-made chairs can definitely be pricey, this isn’t always the case.

Instead of buying the cheapest solution available, consider how much work time you lose due to having an uncomfortable chair or how much money you spend on caffeinated beverages to stay awake. If you can afford to save even a little bit of time and money, purchasing a high-quality office chair that’s designed to enhance your comfort level is worth it for the long term – especially if you work at your desk for several hours each day.

Before Spending Money On an Office Chair

1. Your Budget

As you can imagine, well-made chairs tend to be on the expensive side. Quality office chairs are an investment that should last for several years if properly cared for, but they may cost hundreds of dollars.

Some companies also sell lower-priced models that aren’t necessarily ergonomic but do provide adequate support.

spending money on office chair make a difference

If you’re not ready to invest $500 or more on an office chair, start your search by looking for chairs that are under $150. They can be justifying according to human body type.

2. Level of Usage

While there’s no hard and fast rule, most individuals will find that spending between $150-$300 on an office chair is appropriate. However, the more your desk chair is used, the more important it is to invest in something of quality. For example, if you spend at least 8 hours each day sitting in your desk chair but only have a limited budget to work with, perhaps investing in something more affordable is the best choice.

long hours sitting expensive office chair worth it

On the other hand, if you have an intense 8-hour work day but are looking to make improvements to your workspace, consider spending more on a chair that will help you be as productive as possible throughout the course of your workday.

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3. Warranty

Another important consideration is the assembly, and warranty that comes with your new office chair. Most manufacturers will provide a one-year warranty, which is typically sufficient for chairs under $500.

office chair wear out warranty

However, if you’re willing to spend more on a high-quality ergonomic solution, you might be able to get an extended warranty of up to five years.

4. Health Benefits

Many people don’t consider the negative long-term effects of sitting improperly at a desk for extended periods, but the health risks associated with this can be significant. If you work on a computer several hours each day and your chair isn’t ergonomically appropriate, you may experience symptoms such as headaches, back pain, neck pain and even carpal tunnel syndrome.

 ergonomic office chairs worth it for health benefits

On the other hand, if you’re sitting in an ergonomically-approved chair like Herman miller that perfectly conforms to your body’s unique curves, you are much less likely to experience these types of problems.

5. Do some research into your decision

It is important to understand that the more expensive chairs usually offer better ergonomics, which can actually save you money in the long run by preventing health problems from arising.

However, be aware that a well-known brand does not automatically make it a better chair: check to see if there are any complaints against your chosen manufacturer about poor product quality or customer service. Even the best manufacturers have a few negative reviews related to their products, but you shouldn’t let these prevent you from acquiring a high-quality office chair that’s ergonomically appropriate for your unique body shape.

office chair worth pros and cons: reviews

Additionally, make sure your office chair passes all the necessary safety regulations and is compliant with any applicable European health and safety standards. If it doesn’t meet these requirements, then you could be putting yourself at risk by sitting in an unstable or non-ergonomically appropriate chair that could potentially cause serious injuries.

What Makes Money Spending Worth On Office Chair?

To make office chairs worth it, consider these host of benefits:-

1.) Comfort

A comfortable office chair will have a good amount of padding around the seat, backrest, and armrests. The seat should appear to cradle you gently so that your lower back can maintain its natural curve while you sit.

comfortable office chair worth

You should also feel plenty of support when leaning back in your chair without feeling like you’re going to tip over backward.

2.) Adjustability

The next factor to consider is how adjustable the chair is. A quality office chair will provide you with several options for adjusting the seat, backrest, and headrest so that they can be customized for your body’s unique curves and preferences.

adjustable office chair worth

You should also look for a mechanism that allows you to reposition both the height and angle of the seat and backrest independently, as this will make it much easier to find your ideal sitting position.

3.) Long Hours Sitting

If you work at your desk for more than 8 hours each day, look for a chair that provides good lumbar support to keep your lower back happy and healthy. Since even well-designed chairs generally don’t come with built-in lumbar support, you might consider buying an aftermarket cushion or pillow that can provide extra relief for your lower back. Another option is to look for a chair that has lumbar support built into the seat itself, or removable lumbar pillows that attach to the chair’s existing design.

4.) Productivity

Sitting in an uncomfortable chair can result in you squirming, sitting improperly and even taking frequent breaks just to move around. This will not only give you a poor appearance, but it will also hamper your productivity. On the other hand, sitting on a comfortable chair is much more likely to allow you to focus throughout the day so that you can get more work done.

5.) Durability

High-quality office chairs are typically designed with durable, reliable components and well-constructed frames that will last for many years if properly maintained. They protect your floor from damage. Investing in a long-lasting chair that’s ergonomically appropriate and made from high-quality materials is an important decision that should not be taken lightly.

6.) Ergonomics

Having a chair that’s ergonomically appropriate is very important because it will adapt to your body and the activities you participate in, which means you won’t have to change your sitting habits. For example, if you usually sit with your legs crossed, then an office chair with adjustable ergonomic controls will provide you with this option. By making small adjustments, you can easily find a comfortable position that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to achieve.

7.) Cost vs Value

Finally, consider the cost of your potential office chair compared to its value. While no expert will recommend buying the cheapest possible office chair you can find, keep in mind that some chairs are significantly more expensive than others due to their design and functionality.

Depending on your priorities, it might be wiser to spend less on a standard-quality or even slightly used office chair than to splurge on a high-end model that will be too extravagant for your needs. Generally speaking, this is especially true of ergonomic solutions like the Aeron and Mirra chairs by Herman Miller, which can cost several thousand dollars or more new.

worth spending money on an office chair: FAQ’s?

Are office chairs Important?

Yes. An office chair is one of the biggest investments you will make in your work life, so it’s vital for you to choose a chair that works with your unique body shape rather than against it. It’s important to remember that sitting improperly can lead to health issues down the line, so investing in an ergonomic office chair is by far the best financial decision you can make.

What is an ergonomically correct office chair?

An ergonomically correct office chair offers comfort when sitting for long periods of time. Ergonomic chairs are designed to support the user’s body, therefore decreasing discomfort and fatigue. A proper office chair will be flexible enough to accommodate any work environment or task, while still providing superior comfort and support.

Why is it so hard to find a good office chair?

If you’ve been searching for an ergonomic office chair, you might have noticed that the selection is limited. This is because too many people spend a few dollars on a cheap office chair and then buy a better one when they experience back pain or discomfort from the first piece of equipment. If possible, it’s best to invest in a high-quality ergonomic office chair and switch it up with a cheap one if the first option aggravates your body.

What is the best kind of office chair?

The best kind of office chair will be adjustable, comfortable and supportive–qualities that every ergonomic office chair should have. If possible, bring your home or work environment to the store and sit in potential chairs for a few minutes to get an idea of what would be best.

How do I know an ergonomic office chair is right for me?

Ergonomic chairs come in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles to accommodate each user’s unique needs. If you’re experiencing back pain or discomfort while sitting at home or work, it may be from the wrong type of chair. An ergonomic chair allows the user to adjust the seat in accordance with their body type, which in turn reduces strain on various parts of their body.

How much should I spend on an ergonomic office chair?

A quality ergonomic office chair costs about $200 to $600, depending on features and how frequently it will be used. While this might seem expensive, consider the effect low-quality equipment can have on your health over time.

Is it worth buying an expensive desk chair over a cheaper one?

Yes. Why spend more on something that will be used for several hours each day if you can get the same quality in an office chair for much less money. Invest in your health and back by purchasing a high-quality ergonomic office chair that is designed to support you when sitting for long periods of time.

What is the Difference Between An Ergonomic Office Chair And A Traditional One?

An ergonomic office chair is designed to support your back and keep you cool. These chairs give the user higher degrees of customization and comfort than traditional office chairs, which can be useful if you need to sit for several hours a day.

Is it worth it to get an ergonomic office chair even though I’m not in pain?

Yes. Over time, sitting for long periods of times can strain your back and even cause permanent damage if you don’t take the necessary precautions. An ergonomic office chair is designed to keep you cool, comfortable and supported when sitting at home or in an office environment.


An office chair can be an important investment because it will contribute to your health and level of productivity throughout the day. However, you should not simply purchase any old office chair without considering quality or warranties. Investing in a well-made ergonomic option is typically less expensive in the long run because chairs with superior components are more likely to last for many years.

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