12 Main Reasons standing desks so expensive (Explained)

There are many reasons why people might choose to purchase a standing desk. Some may find that it helps them be more productive, while others may simply find that it is more comfortable than sitting all day.

However, one of the main complaints about standing desks is that they can be quite expensive.

So, here is the simple answer why standing desks are so expensive:

In comparison with the other desks, standing desks are expensive due to the costly material used to construct and designed to last for years, and the electric motors that allow them to be adjustable allow for different height settings. Also, these are popular for their ergonomic health benefits and productivity. All these contribute to the high cost of standing desks.

However, just like the other desks, they come in different, sizes, and costs, but one thing that always remains common is the high price.

In this post, we’ll cover and look depth look at:

Cheap vs Expensive standing desk

Customers are with two views during the purchase as the price is an important factor for them.

cheap vs expensive standing desk

One is to look for an affordable standing desk option and to get the most out of it. After all, standing desks can be quite expensive.

Other, others may feel that it is worth spending more money on a quality desk that will last longer and provide a better experience just like Tresanti 47″ Adjustable Height Desk.

Hand Crank Standing DeskLow Price
Electric Motor Standing DeskGood Price
Price Comparison of Cheap vs Expensive Standing Desk

There are pros and cons to both cheaper and more expensive standing desks, so it is important to weigh your options before making a decision.

  1. Hand-Crank and Electric Motor
  2. Low-Density Particleboard
  3. Quietness of Operation
  4. Joints
  5. Lifting Capacity
  6. Gear Mechanism

Cheaper standing desks are often made from lower-quality materials and may not be as durable as more expensive options. They may also have fewer features or be less comfortable to use.

On the other hand, cheaper options are usually more affordable and can be a good choice for people who are on a budget.

1. Use of a Hand-crank instead of an electric motor and screw-drive

One of the ways that you can adjust the height of a standing desk is by using a hand-crank. This is a good option if you want to be able to adjust the height of your desk without having to spend extra money on an electric motor.

standing desk is by using a hand crank
standing desk is by using a hand crank –Credit

However, it is important to note that a hand-crank can be difficult to use if you have a lot of weight on your desk.

2. Low-density particleboard

Most standing desks are made from MDF or particleboard. However, some companies use lower-density particleboard in order to reduce costs. This type of particleboard is not as strong or durable as MDF, so it is important to consider this when choosing a standing desk.

3. The quietness of the operation

If you are looking for a standing desk that is quiet, then you should look for one that has an electric motor. These types of desks are much quieter than hand-crank models and will not disturb others in your office or workspace.

4. Type of joints

The type of joints that are used in a standing desk can affect its stability. Some desks use dowel joints, which are not as strong as mortise and tenon joints. If you plan on using your desk for a long period of time, then you may want to choose a desk with stronger joints.

5. Small Lifting Capacity in a cheap standing desk

In addition, cheaper standing desks often have a smaller lifting capacity. This means that they may not be able to hold as much weight as more expensive options. If you have a lot of heavy items on your desk, such as a computer, printer, or monitors, you may want to consider a more expensive option.

6. Internal gear system

The gear system of an expensive standing desk is strong enough. The standing desk moves up and down more efficiently. Also, it is noiseless. You can get a quality product without any hesitation. Whereas, poor quality and packed standing desks wobble while in use, and they also make a loud noise.

More expensive standing desks are usually made from higher quality materials and can be more comfortable to use. They may also have more features, such as an electric motor, which can make it easier to adjust the height of your desk.

More expensive standing desks are usually made from higher quality materials and can last longer. They also tend to have more features and be more comfortable to use. However, they can also be quite pricey, so it is important to make sure that you are getting your money’s worth.

You can see below the reasons explained why standing desks are so expensive.

Ultimately, the best option for you depends on your needs and budget.

12 main reasons standing desks are so expensive

Now, we will explore the 12 main reasons why standing desks are so expensive and some tips on how you can get a good standing desk without breaking the bank.

Here are

  1. High-Quality Material
  2. Time, Effort, And Skill
  3. Operates On An Electric Motor
  4. Commercial Use
  5. Quality Of Legs
  6. Health Benefits
  7. Fewer Best Models
  8. Design And Ergonomics
  9. High Demand
  10. Cost Behind No Cost Shipping
  11. Special Engineering And Testing
  12. You Get What You Pay For

1. They are made out of high-quality materials

One reason that standing desks tend to be so expensive is the fact that they are often made out of high quality materials such as metal. Metal tends to hold up better than wood, and it also looks much nicer.

high quality standing desk materials
Good Looking High-Quality Standing Desk Steel Material

The metals used in standing desks include steel and aluminum – both of which tend to be used in a wide array of products that require strength and durability.

Standing desks made out of these materials are often quite good looking, but they can also be quite pricey.

2. It takes time, effort, and skill to craft them

Another reason that standing desks tend to be pricey is the fact that it takes time and effort to craft such a product. It requires skill, as well as the right equipment. This is something different from regular constructed desks. A unique innovating design operated with an electric motor.

standing desk crafting
Standing Desk Crafting

Even if you are trying to make your own desk at home, it will take some time before you get the finished product that meets your needs. After all, what may seem easy enough to do may turn out to be quite difficult when actually put into practice.

Not everyone is well suited to this type of work. It requires patience and precise craftsmanship, as well as attention to detail. This means that there are also expert craftsmen who have years of experience behind them, and this will definitely have an impact on the price.

3. operates on an electric motor

One of the many reasons that standing desks are so pricey is the fact that they tend to operate on an electric motor.

Standing Desk Electric Motor
Use of Electric Motor with features

While this can make it much easier for you to adjust your desk with a simple button, it also means that the motors will cost more and most companies do not want to invest in a cheaper electric motor.

Plus, what is the point of a standing desk that you cannot adjust whenever necessary? The ability to make adjustments should be an integral part of your desk’s design.

4. primarily sold for commercial use

Fourth that standing desks tend to be so pricey is the fact that they are primarily sold for commercial use.

Commercial Use of Standing Desks
Staff Using Standing Desks for Office Work

While there are a few companies selling standing desks that you can order directly from their website, these desks’ warranty starts from 1 year and goes to many that reflect a product was worth your money.

In contrast, commercial-grade standing desks are made to last much longer, which allows companies to offer extended warranties.

5. Quality of Legs

The legs for a standing desk are one of the most essential components because they provide stability and support, as well as customizable height.

Standing Desks Quality Legs
Standing Desk at Room Corner Focusing Legs

In order to achieve the ideal balance between affordability and quality, you’ll want to look for a standing desk with higher weight capacity since this will make it less likely that you will need to upgrade in just a few years.

A quality standing desk will come with adjustable legs that can be locked into position and won’t wobble or slip while you’re working.

6. Health Benefits

Along With it, a study at Texas A&M University justifies the improvement in productivity with the use of standing desks for a certain good number of hours. Such researches have a huge contribution to the rise in the price of standing desks.

Standing Desks health benefits
Source- cbsnews.com

People purchase costly standing desks is because they are healthier than sitting all day. However, not everyone can afford to pay a fortune for a desk that may provide less health benefits.

Many employers offer standing desks as a perk to their employees in order to improve general health and productivity while on the job, but even this will have an impact on the price.

7. Fewer Best Models Low Competition Market

Seventh is a fewer best models. There is a lack of competition in the market. There are only a few companies producing quality standing desks, which means there are fewer competitors trying to get their attention.

Because of this, these companies do not have to compete with each other and can set whatever price they want. But by doing so, they may not realize how much people are willing to pay.

So if you find an affordable standing desk, it might be worth checking out so that you can save some money.

8. Tabletop Design and Ergonomics

Use of Great mind. Quality materials, quality carpentry skills, and quality craftsmanship all go into making a good desk. This means that even if you find affordable standing desks for sale, there is still a chance that you might not like their design or their ergonomics.

Tabletop Design and Ergonomics
Fabrication fo Table Top With Ergonomic Design

They may not provide you with the kind of support that you need, or they might be too heavy for you to move by yourself.

Plus, if the company does not have good customer service, it can make returns impossible, however, amazon offers 30 full refund facility and some manufacturer gives a good warranty on standing desks.

9. High Demand makes standing desks so expensive

If more people are buying these products, then companies do not have a need to lower their prices.

Even if one company lowers its prices, it might lose an advantage over others, which means you will see them raise their prices later on.

With more companies entering the market, it might be a good idea to wait a while and see what happens.

10. Cost Behind No Cost Shipping

Many standing desks come with free shipping, but the “free” part is a bit misleading. While you will pay nothing to have your desk shipped to your door, this price does not include assembly or the cost of shipping it within the store.

The cost for these options can be significant and is included in the final purchase price.

11. Require Special Engineering and Testing

Yet another reason that standing desks tend to be pricey is the fact that they require special engineering and testing requirements.

After all, you do not want a desk that will break down after only a few months of use. This means that such products need to go through strenuous tests before they can be considered safe for home or office use.

This will drive up the price because it increases the cost of production.

12. You get what you pay for

Huge satisfaction rate after-sales. You should remember especially in the case of standing desks that you get what you pay for. Even though there are some affordable standing desks out there, they might not offer quality craftsmanship or ergonomics to help you adjust your body’s position.

Plus, they might not have all of the ergonomic support that you need to keep yourself healthy throughout the day.

If you are on a budget, then it might be worth checking out sites like Amazon for affordable standing desks that you can order directly from their website.

Is an expensive standing desk worth it?

The answer depends on your needs and budget. If you only need a basic standing desk, you can find many affordable options. However, if you want a high-quality desk with features like adjustable height and integrated storage, you will likely have to spend more. Ultimately, the decision comes down to what you need and how much you are willing to spend. However, if you spend a lot of time at your desk, an expensive standing desk could be worth the investment.

These days, more and more people are also working from home. And while there are plenty of benefits to this arrangement, it can also be a bit of a challenge to create a comfortable and productive workspace. That’s where a standing desk comes in. A standing desk allows you to work comfortably while also getting the benefits of increased movement and circulation.

Budget Comparison

Manual Standing DesksLow Budget
Electric Standing DeskHigh Budget
Example Budget Standing Desks Comparison

There’s no doubt that a quality standing desk can be a bit pricey. But when you consider all of the benefits that come with it, the cost starts to look a lot more reasonable. A good standing desk will last for years, and it can help to improve your posture, increase your energy levels, and reduce your risk of back pain. In other words, it’s an investment that can pay off in both the short and long term. So if you’re looking for a way to improve your home office setup to a maximum, an expensive standing desk is definitely worth considering.

What is a good price for a standing desk?

More and more people look for ways to improve their posture and break up the monotony of sitting all day. But with such a wide range of prices, it can be difficult to know how much to budget for a new standing desk. Generally speaking, the good price of a standing desk will depend on the material, size, colors, and features.

For example, a basic wood desk with no frills will cost less than an electric model with built-in storage and adjustable height. That being said, there are plenty of high-quality desks available at mid-range prices. Total glass fabrication should be avoided.

Standing desks can be expensive, with some models costing hundreds of dollars. For this reason, it is important to consider the cost of a standing desk before making a purchase. Commonly, a good price for a standing desk is between $200 and $300. However, cheaper models are available, and more expensive models may be worth the investment for some users. Ultimately, the best way to determine the right price for a standing desk is to consider your budget and needs.

What are some Cheap affordable choices for standing desks?

There are many standing desks that will meet your needs as a standup desk user and do not cost an arm and a leg. Many online retailers offer good alternatives to the traditional standing desk at budget-friendly prices.

Amazon – Amazon offers several affordable alternatives to the high-priced, name-brand options for standing desks:

Explaining some cheap affordable choices for standing desks

How Standing Desks Benefit a User?

If you would like to add some variety and movement to your workday, a standing desk is a great way to do it. Sitting down all day can cause discomfort in the back and other joints, making it difficult to focus on work or even be comfortable enough to do anything at all.

Standing desks provide a simple solution for this by allowing you to stand, sit, and even exercise while you work. This allows your body to take a well-deserved break from sitting in the same spot all day long.

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Why are standing desks so expensive: FAQs

What is a standing desk?

A standing desk, sometimes referred to as a stand-up desk, is a desk that allows the user to work while standing upright.

What does ergonomic mean?

An ergonomic design or product is one that fits the user and their needs. An ergonomic design usually considers things such as posture, comfort, how it affects the user’s performance, etc.

Why is ergonomic important?

Ergonomically designed products have been shown to improve comfort, reduce fatigue and strain, boost productivity and help prevent injury. The human body was not made to be a sedentary creature. In fact, humans are meant for movement! When we don’t move the way we’re supposed to, it can lead to discomfort, pain and even long term damage.


The standing desks are one of the most expensive office furniture because they require special engineering and testing requirements to keep you healthy. It is also because it has less number of brands in the market with maximum demand which keeps its price high. Also, few companies can afford to provide affordable standing desks without compromising on quality. Not all needs or budgets can match with premium standing desks.

However, you should always try to look at the bright side of things. Even if a certain company sets their prices too high, it just might mean that they have satisfied customers who give them good reviews and refer their friends to the company as well.

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