16 Proven Ways to prevent dust on a desk?

Is your desk cluttered with dust? Here are 16 easy ways to prevent it from accumulating. Pay attention to the way you use your desk and the surrounding environment to keep dust at bay. Implement a few of these tips today for a cleaner workspace.

16 Ways To Keep Computer Desk Dust Free

remove dust from desk

1. Cover Your Computer Desk With a Piece of Cloth

The monitor and the rest of your computer equipment give off a lot of dust particles which will accumulate on your desk if you let them. Covers for your monitor, CPU, keyboard, and mouse can help prevent this from happening. To keep it as dust free as possible, cover these items with a piece of cloth to create a barrier between them and the rest of the room.

2. Remove Dust From Your Keyboard Regularly

The average person’s dirty fingers will introduce so much dirt and grime into their keyboard that it is likely to accumulate even more dust than by leaving it be. Clean your keyboard once or twice a week with an anti-static cloth or perhaps even some alcohol wipes to remove this dirt and keep it as clean as can be.

3. Avoid Using Oil or Wax on Your Desk

When you use wax or oil on your desk, it will become more susceptible to dust and other particles. Dust tends to stick to the surface of these materials making them difficult to get rid of. If you want a clean work space, try using an anti-static spray instead for that dust repellant effect.

4. Clean your carpeting regularly

The carpeting surrounding your desk will also play a role in how much dust accumulates there. Clean this regularly and you’ll reduce the amount of particles that become embedded into its fabric.

clean your carpeting regularly

Clean it at least once every three months to ensure that the space around you remains mostly dust free.

5. Cleaning ceiling fan blades

Cleaning ceiling fan blades is also important Just like with your carpeting, dust accumulates on the fan blades located above you.

cleaning ceiling fan blades

Ensure that you keep them clean for a cleaner work space. Dust particles can come from outside, so make sure you allow some time to go by before cleaning it.

6. Dirty air conditioning filters

Dirty air conditioning filters will add to the amount of dust in your room

The air conditioning unit near your desk should be cleaned regularly and its filters changed when necessary. The dirtier these units get, the more dust particles they will begin to release into the surrounding environment. Keeping them clean and working efficiently can help you avoid this problem and maintain a cleaner workspace for yourself.

7. Protect Your Computer’s Vent with a Mesh Cover

You should also move your computer away from the wall or any furniture that is right up against it. This can block some of the vent openings on your machine which will keep it from cooling itself effectively thus causing more dust particles to accumulate inside of it. Use a mesh cover over the vents to prevent this from happening.

8. Use Air Purifier

Air Purifier can help in removing the particles in the air. It does not use any filter or ionizer to remove the dust, it instead takes advantage of HEPA (High-efficiency particulate) technology that uses static electricity to attract and trap dust inside. With this machine, you don’t need to worry about placing it over the dust area or the filter replacement. Just plug it in and it will do its job.

9. Tabletop Protector

Before you place your monitor over the dust area, make sure to put a tabletop protector under the monitor. This will help in avoiding the direct contact of dust to your computer monitor. It also helps in maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your desk by preventing any possible scratches on the screen.

10. Vacuum cleaner

For cleaning the dirt between your keyboard or any other stuff, you can use a vacuum cleaner. For cleaning the dust in vents use the brush attachment of vacuum cleaner. This will help in removing all traces of dust from your computer so that it does not accumulate more dust inside.

11. Use Cleaning Cloths

Make it a habit to wipe your table thoroughly with moist cleaning cloths to remove traces of dust. This will help in reducing the amount of dust that gets accumulated on your computer.

Before using these methods, make sure that you unplug all devices connected to your desktop like, printer etc.

12. Keep pets Away

Dust is attracted by hair. Keeping pets away from the dust area also prevents the accumulation of hair over the table which attracts more dust particles. If pets are not kept away, vacuum the floor regularly to remove the traces of hair.

keep pets away dust from desk

Put your computer in sleep mode or turn it off when you are not using it:

This will prevent dust accumulation over the components inside due to static electricity. When turned on, electric charges build up on components and attract more dust particles which eventually accumulate inside.

13. Minimize clutter

They say ” out of sight,” is “out of mind,” and this adage also applies when it comes to keeping your computer desk dust free. The more stuff you have lying around, the easier for them to collect particles from the air. So keep your work area organized to minimize clutter and prevent a dusty mess from forming on your desk.

14. Replace old carpet

If you have carpet on your floor, it will attract the fine particles of dust that circulate around the room, making it easier for them to settle. Carpet absorbs everything including dust and this makes it harder to clean than tile or linoleum floors. This is why you should change carpets. If you cannot, vacuum regularly and give your old carpets a good wash every now and then.

15. Avoid smoking indoors

Dust is also attracted by cigarette smoke. If you have a smoker in the house or office, ask him/her to smoke outside so that there is no accumulation of dust over your computer. If you are the one who smokes indoors, at least smoke in an area where there is no accumulation of dust over computer equipment.

16. Maintain a Level of humidity

Dust mites love high humidity. Keep the humidity level of your room between 30%-50% to prevent dust particles from attracting molds and allergens. You can get a cheap humidifier for this.


In order to avoid the stress from dust, always cover your stuffs before leaving your desk so that even if any dust particles in the air come in contact with anything they will not be able to make a direct contact. Use vacuum cleaners in case of minor dirt accumulation. Air Purifiers are also great for removing tiny dust particles in the air. For cleaning the keyboard and tray, you can use a brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner or clean it with moist cloths.

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