14 Ultimate l shaped desk gaming setup ideas For Game lovers

If you love playing video games, no matter whether you are using straight or corner desk, you know that having the right gaming setup is crucial.

Whether you’re looking for ideas to create the perfect gaming room or just want some inspiration for your home office, check out these 10 amazing L-shaped desk gaming setups.

They’ll provide plenty of ideas for even the most discerning gamer. Plus, with an L-shaped desk, you’ll have plenty of space to spread out all of your gear and accessories.

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10 Ultimate l shaped desk gaming setup ideas For Game lovers

For any PC gamer, having the perfect setup is essential for enjoying the ultimate gaming experience. And while there are a variety of ways to organize your desktop, an l shaped desk is often the best option for those who want to create a dedicated gaming space.

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Here are 10 l-shaped desk gaming setup ideas that will inspire your next build:

Choose the Best Color Scheme

A game’s color scheme can have a big impact on its overall feel and tone. For example, a brightly-colored game is likely to be more energetic and action-packed, while a more subdued color palette may create a more calming, relaxed atmosphere.

color scheme for l shape gaming desk setup ideas

When choosing a color scheme for your game like red and black, it’s important to consider the type of experience you want players to have. Are you aiming for an intense, fast-paced game or something that’s more laid back?

Once you’ve decided on the overall tone of your game, you can start to narrow down your color options.

Choosing a color scheme is one of the most important aspects of game design. The right colors can create the perfect atmosphere and set the tone for the entire game.

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Flavour of Vibrant Colors

When it comes to video games, there are all sorts of different genres and styles to choose from. However, one common thread between many of the most popular games is their vibrant colors.

From the bright lights of “Fortnite” to the lush landscapes of “The Legend of Zelda,” video games are often filled with a wide array of colors. This can help to create an immersive and engaging experience for players.

The graphics, the sound effects, and the overall tone of the game can all play a role in immersing players in the game world.

One way to enhance the gaming experience is to use LED desk lamps and neon lights to create a vibrant, colorful atmosphere.

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l shape gaming desk setup flavour of vibrant colors

LED lights are much brighter and more intense than traditional incandescent bulbs, which can help to create an immersive gaming experience.

Neon lights can also add a touch of color to the room, helping to create a lively and exciting environment.

By using LED desk lamps and neon lights, gamers can add an extra level of immersion and excitement to their gaming sessions.

Computer monitor and TV

If you’re a dedicated gamer, you know that having multiple screens can be a huge asset. Not only does it give you a wider field of view, but it also allows you to keep tabs on different aspects of the game. However, setting up multiple screens can be a hassle, especially if you’re constantly swapping between consoles and PC gaming.

l shape gaming desk idea computer monitor and tv

A great way to simplify your setup is to use one side of the desk for your computer monitor and the other for your TV. This way, you can easily game on both consoles and PC without having to constantly switch between screens.

Custom-built rig by mounting your CPU, GPU

For PC gamers, one of the most important aspects of their rigs is the graphics processing unit (GPU). A good GPU can mean the difference between an average gaming experience and an immersive one.

custom built rig by mounting your cpu gpu

However, finding the right GPU can be a challenge, as there are many factors to consider. One option is to custom-build your own rig by mounting your CPU and GPU. This allows you to tailor the rig specifically to your needs and ensures that you have the best possible gaming experience. Building your own custom rig also has other benefits. It can save you money, as you will only purchase the components that you need.

Additionally, it gives you a greater degree of control over your gaming environment, allowing you to make changes as needed. If you are a serious PC gamer, then custom-building your own rig is definitely worth considering.

Neat Cable organization

Your cables should be neatly organized. There are a few different ways that you can go about doing this. One option is to use zip ties to group together similar cables. Another option is to use Cable clips to keep your cables tidy and in place. Whichever method you choose, the important thing is that you take the time to organize your cables so that they don’t get tangled or lost.

some personal flair

If you’re one of those passionate gamers, why not show your love for the game by adding some personal flair to your desk with gaming-themed accessories? A Mousepad featuring your favorite game characters or a poster of the epic final battle scene from your all-time favorite game can help get you in the mood to the game, while a custom-built light-up sign proclaims your undying love for all things gaming is sure to impress any visitors to your home. So whatever your style, there’s sure to be a gaming accessory that’s perfect for you.

Mounting Empty Wall Space

One way to keep your gaming area organized is to make use of empty wall space by mounting shelves. This will give you a place to store games, controllers, and other items so that they are always within easy reach.

l shape gaming desk setup idea mounting empty wall space

In addition, shelves can help you to keep your gaming area tidy by preventing clutter from building up on surfaces like desks and floors.

Choice of Desk Configuration

With the computer in the middle, you’ll have plenty of room for multiple monitors, a keyboard, and other gaming peripherals. Plus, the U-shaped configuration will give you easy access to all of your gear. And if you’re worried about wire management, an L-shaped desk can help with that, too.

l shape desk gaming setup choice of desk configuration

By routing cables along the back edge of the desk, you can keep your gaming area tidy and organized. So if you’re looking for a desk that can accommodate all of your gaming needs, an L-shaped desk is a great option.

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Comfortable gaming chair

A comfortable gaming chair is an essential piece of equipment. After all, you’re going to be spending hours sitting in front of the television or computer, so you might as well be comfortable. There are a few things to look for when choosing a gaming chair.

l shape gaming desk setup comfortable gaming chair

First, make sure that the chair is adjustable so that you can find the perfect position for your height and body type. These chairs often have features like ergonomic designs, adjustable back supports, and padded seats that make them extra comfortable.

Second, look for a chair with built-in speakers and vibration features. These will help you get fully immersed in the game and make the experience even more enjoyable. Lastly, choose a gaming chair that is durable and easy to clean.

Dedicated gaming area to Minimize distractions

Just a hobby it’s fine but for dedicated gamers, a quiet room is essential to create an environment conducive to focus.

When it comes to playing video games, concentration is key. Even a slight distraction can throw off your game, costing you valuable points or even the win. 

l shape gaming desk setup dedicated gaming area to minimize distractions

Try to play in a quiet environment if possible. If you’re trying to concentrate with people talking in the background or music playing, it can be tough to stay focused.

Of course, not everyone has the same needs when it comes to their gaming setup. Some people prefer to game in complete silence, while others enjoy listening to music or podcasts while they play. But no matter what your preferences are, a dedicated gaming area can help you get the most out of your gaming experience. 

Choice of Multiple Monitors

Many gamers opt for multiple monitors when choosing their gaming set-up. By having more than one monitor, they are able to see more of the game world at any given time. This can be especially helpful in games that require a lot of split-second decisions, such as first-person shooters.

l shape gaming desk setup choice of multiple monitors

In addition, multiple monitors can also provide a more immersive gaming experience. Some gamers even choose to have a curved monitor, which can give the illusion of being surrounded by the game world. Ultimately, the choice of whether to use one or multiple monitors is a personal preference.

Monitor Stand

Monitor stand can make such a big difference in your gameplay. By elevating your screen, a monitor stand gives you a better view of the action and can help reduce eye strain. In addition, many monitors stands come with built-in features that can further improve your gaming experience.

monitor stand for gaming desk setup

For example, some adjoining stands include holders for gaming controllers or headphones, and some even have built-in fans to keep your screen cool during intense gameplay sessions.

With so many different options available, there’s sure to be a monitor stand that’s perfect for your needs. Whether you’re looking for extra storage space or just want to get a better view of the action, a monitor stand can help take your gaming setup to the next level.

Cordless Keyboard and Mouse

PC gaming is the versatility it offers in terms of control. You can use a standard keyboard and mouse, a controller, or even a flight simulator-style joystick. But if you really want to get the most out of your games, you need a good quality keyboard and mouse. That’s where the Cordless Keyboard and Mouse comes in.

l shape gaming desk setup cordless keyboard and mouse

This keyboard and mouse combo is specifically designed for gaming, with high-quality buttons and sensors that give you the precision you need to dominate your opponents. The Cordless Keyboard and Mouse also has a few other handy features, like backlighting that makes it easy to see in low-light conditions and an ergonomic design that minimizes hand fatigue.

Use Anti-Fatigue Mats

there’s nothing worse than feeling fatigue set in after hours of play. That’s where anti-fatigue mats come in handy. These mats are designed to provide support and cushioning for your feet, legs and back, helping to reduce fatigue and improve your overall comfort. In addition, anti-fatigue mats can also help to improve your circulation and reduce stress on your joints.


No matter what your budget is, there are a few key things you can do to create the ultimate gaming setup. By investing in a good quality monitor, stand and keyboard/mouse combo, you can take your gaming to the next level. And if you’re looking for ways to improve your comfort and reduce fatigue, consider adding an anti-fatigue mat to your setup. With these simple additions, you can create a gaming space that’s perfect for your needs.

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