Are Keyboard Trays Good For Gaming? Proven Reasons

A keyboard tray is a flat surface that can be attached to the underside of a desk in order to provide a place for a keyboard and mouse.

The tray typically has a lip or lip around its edge in order to keep the keyboard and mouse from sliding off. The tray may also have one or more drawers to provide additional storage space for office supplies.

The short answer to are keyboard trays good for gaming is:

Yes, keyboard trays solve the issue of height, angles, and, space you need to perform your best. The right-size keyboard tray also maximizes ergonomics putting your wrists and arms in a comfortable position.

Most people don’t know how important it is to have their wrists at the right angle when gaming. The natural position for your hands is not flat on a gaming desk.

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Furthermore, the most common type of keyboard tray is the under-desk mount, which attaches to the underside of the desk and allows the keyboard to be positioned at various heights.

Some keyboard trays also have a mouse platform, which can be positioned alongside the keyboard or in front of it. This type of tray is often used by gamers or people who use their computers for graphic design or other applications that require precise mouse control.

All such things make a keyboard tray an essential piece of gaming equipment that helps to protect against injuries and improve performance.

In this article, we walkthrough a complete solution guide on how keyboard trays are good for gaming and cover all its features.

So, without further delay, let’s get started.

Key Specifications That Make Keyboard Trays Good For Gaming

let’s look at the Key Specifications that make keyboard trays good for gaming. I believe you will like it definitely.

New Models Provide Additional storage

There are many different types of keyboard trays on the market, but not all of them provide additional storage.

Some only offer a surface for your keyboard and mouse, while others have a small drawer or shelf for holding pens, paper, and other office supplies.

If you’re looking for a keyboard tray with extra storage, be sure to choose one that has a large drawer or shelf that can accommodate your needs.

You should also consider the size of your gaming desk and make sure that the keyboard tray you select will fit underneath it. Lastly, think about how you want to access the storage space.

Some keyboard trays have a pull-out design, while others require you to lift up the entire tray in order to access the storage beneath. Choose the option that best suits your needs and workspace.

Solve the issue of space

Keyboard trays also help to create more desk space by moving the keyboard off of the main work surface. This can be particularly useful in small offices or home offices where every inch of space counts. 

better to have a keyboard tray

Most people don’t think about keyboard trays when they’re looking to declutter their desks, but they can actually be a great way to free up space. They can benefit, by mounting your keyboard and mouse on a tray that slides underneath your desk.

Overall, by positioning the keyboard below the desktop, they free up valuable tabletop real estate that can be used for other purposes such as writing or doing something else. 

Different Height and Weight Capacity

As we said earlier, keyboard trays come in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate different needs. Some have adjustable height and weight capacity, while others are fixed.

The adjustable heights allow for comfortable typing at different angles, while others have fixed heights that are ideal for ergonomic typing posture.

Whereas, different weight capacities, are important if you have a heavy keyboard. The weight capacity of the keyboard tray is important in order to ensure that it can support the weight of the keyboard and mouse, as well as any other items that the user may need to keep on the tray.

For your unique needs, a keyboard tray is available in order to find the perfect solution for your workspace.

Maximize Ergonomics

Keyboard trays are an important part of ergonomic office furniture, as they help to minimize strain on the wrists, arms, and shoulders.

In order to maintain healthy ergonomics while gaming at a computer, it is important to have a keyboard tray that is properly positioned.

Here keyboard trays come into play.

keyboard trays good for gaming

The tray should be placed so that the keyboard is directly in front of the user and the wrists are in a neutral position.

Furthermore, the keyboard should also be at the proper height; generally, the level of the keyboard should be at or below the level of the elbows. By positioning the keyboard in this way, it is possible to minimize stress on the wrists and arms, which can help to prevent injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

For these reasons, keyboard trays are an essential part of any ergonomic setup.

Different User Heights

For short people, a fixed keyboard tray does not work instead they need a height adjustable one attached to the underside of a desk with screws, and they extend out from the front or back of the desk on a rail. With an adjustable function, you can position it at the correct height.

This helps in getting the keyboard closer to you. Also to reduce reaching and stretching, which can also help to reduce strain on your wrists and forearms.

 gaming experience with keyboard trays

For Tall People, it may or may be an ideal choice always but the height adjustable feature is essential. It should be that’s large enough to hold your keyboard, mouse, and other items.

No matter what the height of the user is, be sure to keep your wrists in a neutral position and avoid reaching too high or too low.

Keyboard trays are therefore an adjustable ergonomic solution that can be beneficial for both tall and short people.

Keyboard Tray Angles

There are two main types of keyboard tray angles: positive and negative.

Positive angle trays have the front of the tray tilted up, so that the keyboard is at a higher level than the mouse surface. Negative angle trays have the front of the tray tilted down, so that the keyboard is at a lower level than the mouse surface.

The common angle for a positive angle tray is 10 degrees, while the common angle for a negative angle tray is -5 degrees.

Keyboard trays typically rotate to an angle of -15 degrees from the horizontal plane. This angle is known as the negative tilt and is designed to help keep the wrists in a neutral position, preventing strain and discomfort.

Some keyboard trays also offer a positive tilt, which can be helpful for certain tasks such as data entry. However, it is important to use the positive tilt sparingly, as it can put strain on the wrists if used for extended periods of time. Ultimately, the best angle for a keyboard tray will vary depending on the individual user’s needs.

Types of Keyboard Trays For Gaming

They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs, each with its own unique set of features to accommodate different types of desks and users. Some keyboard trays are small and simple, while others are large and complex. let’s look at them one by one.


Slide-out keyboard trays are attached to the underside of a desk using a rail system. The tray itself sits on ball bearings, which allows it to slide out smoothly. To use the tray, simply pull it out to the desired position and then adjust the tilt. When you’re finished using it, just push it back in until it clicks into place. Slide-out keyboard trays are an ideal way to improve your ergonomics while gaming at a desk. 

Adjustable articulating

They are like other computer accessories. These are attached to the underside of a desk and allow the user to adjust the position of their keyboard for optimal comfort and ergonomics. These trays typically have a small platform for the mouse as well, so that both the keyboard and mouse can be positioned in a way that minimizes strain.

Furthermore, Trays are attached to the underside of a desk or work surface and can be moved and positioned to accommodate the user. The tray typically has a keyboard surface, and a mouse surface, and may also have a wrist rest.

The tray can be positioned so that the keyboard and mouse are at the same level, or the keyboard can be lower than the mouse to reduce wrist strain. The tray can also be angled to improve ergonomics and reduce neck strain.

In addition, some adjustable articulating keyboard trays have a mechanism that allows them to be rotated out of the way when not in use, saving space on the desktop.

Standing Keyboard Trays

A standing keyboard tray is a specialized type of computer keyboard that allows the user to game while standing. The tray is attached to a stand or table, and the keyboard rests on the tray at a comfortable height for pressing keys or typing.

Most standing keyboard trays also have a palm rest or wrist support to help reduce the risk of discomfort during prolonged typing sessions.

In addition, many models include a mouse platform, which can be positioned for left- or right-handed use. Standing keyboard trays are often used in office settings where gamers need to be able to move between sitting and standing positions throughout the day.

They can also be used in gaming setups or other settings where players prefer to stand while working. While they may take some getting used to, standing keyboard trays can help to improve comfort and productivity for many users.

When Keyboard Trays Not Worth it?

The following are reasons that make keyboard trays not worth it.

Incorrect Desk Height

If you use an improper desk height that is too low for your height, it could easily affect your gaming performance and/or level of comfort. Most people who decide to use a keyboard tray do so with the intention of giving themselves more room for movement, but this isn’t always the case. Using your keyboard tray is only beneficial if you use it in the correct way with the right desk height.

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When Using Laptop

Even though keyboard trays have some great benefits to offer gamers, they aren’t always the best option. For example, if you’re using a laptop as your gaming machine of choice, then it’s probably not a good idea to use a keyboard tray.

Small Size keyboard trays

Some low-price tray models aren’t very spacious, to begin with, and this fact is especially true when looking with a small budget. The best keyboard trays allow you to use both items (keyboard and mouse) comfortably. If you’re someone who likes to work with a small keyboard, then it’s important that you look for a tray that has enough space for both of your items.

Where should I put my keyboard while gaming?

Whether you’re a casual gamer or a professional esports athlete, it’s important to have your keyboard in the right position. A good gaming setup includes a comfortable chair, a well-lit desk, and of course, the right keyboard placement.

The ideal spot for your keyboard will vary depending on your gaming style and the type of games you play.

Chair Mounted Magic Hold
Free StandingNext Level Racing
Desk MountedMount-It
Example Keyboard Tray Position

For example, if you’re a First Person Shooter (FPS) fan, you’ll want your keyboard close to your hand so you can make quick movements.

On the other hand, if you prefer strategy games that require more thoughtful play, you might want to place your keyboard further away so you can see more of your screen.

Ultimately, there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to keyboard placement. The important thing is to find what works best for you. Experiment with different positions and take breaks often to avoid strain on your wrists and fingers. With a little trial and error, you’ll be sure to find the perfect spot for your next gaming marathon.

faqs: Are Keyboard Trays Good For Gaming?

Is it better to have a keyboard tray?

Actually yes, it is a part of maximizing ergonomics that you for accurate arm placement and reduces strain on the wrists, arms, and shoulders. It offers additional space for a keyboard and mouse positioning the keyboard at the proper height.

What Position Is Best For Gaming?

The best position for gaming is the one that provides the biggest benefit to you as an individual player. If you can play just as well without using a keyboard tray, then there’s no need to use one. However, if you feel like your performance is lacking due to the fact that you aren’t using a keyboard tray, then it’s probably best for you to get one.

What Type Of Tray Should I Get?

Adjustable one. There are dozens of different types of keyboard trays that can be used by gamers. They all have their own unique benefits and disadvantages which is why it’s important to choose the one that’s right for your specific needs. The biggest thing you’ll need to consider is the size of your desk and how much space you can dedicate to a keyboard tray. Furthermore, they come in different shapes and colors so finding one that matches your current setup shouldn’t be too difficult.

Are keyboard trays outdated?

No, it is a part to maximize ergonomics in gaming. The biggest benefit is comfort with the correct gaming desk size, as it’s much easier to play games when you have your keyboard in front of you and your mouse closer. This can help improve accuracy and ultimately increase performance. Not all gamers need this type of setup, but those who do will find it to be one of the largest contributing factors.


If you decide to use a keyboard tray for gaming, make sure that it is of high quality and that your desk height is correct. If not, then you could end up with some wrist strain-like problems that may cause issues in the long run. Make sure that the surface of your desk isn’t too high because this can also cause a lot of issues.

You should also make sure that you have the right type of tray for your needs, as well as a keyboard tray that can adjust to fit your height without any issue.