Are Glass Desks A Good Idea? Glass Vs Wood

Desk options abound on the market, but when it comes to glass desks, there are always pros and cons to weigh. Here is some information to help you decide if a glass desk is a good idea for your workspace.

Glass Desks

A glass desk is just what it sounds like, a desk made of transparent or translucent glass panels. Some desks have metal supports, while others are all glass.

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Glass desks come in just about every shape and size imaginable, from small corner models to massive conference tables. Many come in different colors for the glass or tempered steel accents. They can be fun and exciting or sleek and sophisticated. The glass desk has a certain futuristic charm, but there are some things to think about before such a mod design is right for you.

When it comes to aesthetics, glass desks can’t be beaten in the looks department. This type of desk will add both lightness and transparency to your office space, and it’s sure to bring a sense of peaceful elegance. However, there are some practical issues you need to consider before making the switch from your standard wood desk.

Pros of Glass Desks

An all-glass desk will definitely look smooth and contemporary in any office or workspace. This type of design might also help keep an open floor plan, as the glass will offer a clear division between workspaces.

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Here are the 9 Pros of a glass desk.

1.) Non-absorbent material: Glass is a non-absorbent material, so this type of desk won’t get stained with water rings or ink. Glass desks are also easy to wipe down and clean.

2.) Easy cleaning: Glass is easy to clean, so you won’t have to worry about it becoming spotted or dirty with fingerprints over time.

3.) Fire retardant: Because glass is a non-flammable material, it does not retain heat that can burn and ignite objects placed upon or against it.

4.) Improves room lightning: Glass is a great natural light reflector, so an all-glass desk will make your office space look brighter.

5.) Modern glass is not fragile: Modern glass desks are not as fragile as older furniture made of glass. They are made of tempered or laminated safety glass that is at least five times stronger than regular annealed glass.

6.) Prefered to executives: Glass desks are often preferred by executives in professional office spaces. They offer a clean and open look, perfect for impressing clients or employees.

7.) Customizable: You can customize the size and shape of your glass desk to fit your personal needs. All-glass models are great for offices where you work with lots of paper, as they are able to hold stacks of paper without getting warped or dented.

8.) Custom designs: Glass desks come in many different designs, shapes, styles, and colors. You can choose a simple design with straight lines or go for something more artistic or ornamental.

9.) Damage limitation: Glass desks look sleek and contemporary, but they can actually help to prevent accidents in the workplace. Because glass is a non-absorbent and some are scratch-resistant materials, you won’t have to worry about it getting stained or damaged during an office disturbance.

Cons of Glass Desks

While glass desks can be quite stunning and sophisticated looking, they do come with some notable disadvantages that you need to take into consideration before making the switch.

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1.) Expensive: Although glass desks can be found at a wide range of price points, they are generally more expensive than standard wood desks. This is often due to the design of the desk and the use of materials.

2.) Impenetrable: Glass is impenetrable and it’s difficult to drill into or repair. If you accidentally damage your new glass desk, you might not be able to find someone with the proper tools and knowledge to help you fix it.

3.) Permanent spots: There are some things that will leave permanent spots on your glass desk, including tough grease and oils. If you eat at your desk or place anything greasy onto the surface, it will be difficult to remove without leaving a spot.

4.) Noisy: Glass desks can be a bit noisy to work at, as they don’t offer the same level of sound dampening as wood. This is especially true when you have multiple people working at their desk and using it as standing desks.

5.) Heavy: No doubt glass is fragile and tends to be lighter but tough glass desks are generally heavier than most classic wood models. This is because most glass furniture is made of tempered safety glass, which makes the desk more durable and shatterproof at the expense of weight.

Should You Buy Glass Computer Desks?

You’ve read the pros and cons of glass computer desks, now it’s time to make a decision for yourself!

Glass is durable, scratch-resistant, modern, and unique. It will certainly make your office space stand out in terms of interior design.

On the other hand, you also need to consider the cost, difficulty in cleaning permanent spots, the permanence of damage, safety, and noise levels, and often comes with no drawers.

Think about your office decor

Before you choose just any glass desk, it’s important that you consider the existing elements in your office. If you have a lot of wood or metal furniture pieces already inside, then a glass top might not look right with the rest of the space.

Think about what you need

You should also consider how you’ll be using your glass desk. If you need to sit down and work on it regularly, then a heavy-tempered safety glass model might not be ideal for you. Instead, consider a lighter artistic glass desk that’s been designed with quality in mind.

Think about its safety

Some glass desks have thin edges that can be sharp, so you should consider whether your office environment might pose a safety hazard to people nearby. If this is the case, then it’s probably best to avoid glass desks or place them in designated areas where they won’t cause any danger.


If you are looking for a desk to put the finishing touches on the look of your office space, glass computer desks are definitely worth looking into. If not, there are other designs that will be better suited to your purposes.

Watch your Budget

Glass desks are generally expensive, but they can cost more than you expect. If you’re looking for a low-budget-friendly option, the glass may not be the best choice for you. Make sure to plan properly and avoid overspending on any decor or furniture pieces.

Do your research

Don’t make the mistake of purchasing a glass desk without fully researching it first. You need to find out the weight capacity of the desk

Only you can decide if these cons are worth the pros for your own unique situation.

Types of Glass

There are some major differences between the different types of glass desks, including specialty furniture made out of tempered safety glasses. Below is a list of notable examples you might want to consider before making a purchase.

1.) Artistic: Many manufacturers sell high-end artistic glass desks designed for modern office spaces. These specialty models often take inspiration from classic furniture designs and they make a great centerpiece for your office.

2.) Tempered Safety: Most glass desks are made out of tempered safety glass, which is designed to not shatter or break under pressure. You can drop these models onto the floor or hit them with objects and they will remain intact. However, this also makes them heavier than most other glass desk models.

3.) Laminated Glass: You can also find desks made out of laminated glass. This includes a layer of resin between two plates of tempered safety glass. The result is a desk that’s more durable and less likely to break, but it also makes for a less transparent final product.

4.) Beveled Glass: Some desks are made out of beveled glass, which is created by grinding down the edges of the sheets to create a rounded look. While this does make it more difficult to clean, it can give off a unique effect that might fit into your existing office décor.

5.) Frosted Glass: Some manufacturers sell frosted glass furniture for the home and office. This is a type of tempered safety glass with a thin film of resin applied to the surface which makes it appear opaque and dark in color.

Wood Desks vs Glass Desks: Which is better?

While wood and glass desks both offer a modern yet stylish design, there are also some significant differences that you’ll want to keep in mind before making your purchase.

Below we’ve listed the five most notable comparisons between these two classic desk materials:

1.) Durability: Wood is generally more durable than glass, as it won’t crack under pressure. This also makes it a better choice for busy professionals who want to use their desks on a daily basis.

wood desk durability

2.) Cable Seeing: One of the biggest problems with glass desks is that they don’t have designated cable management cutouts. If you want to install a monitor arm or attach your computer’s power cord, you’ll have to drill through the desk surface. This can lead to unsightly scratches on the bottom of your furniture over time.

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3.) Weight: Glass desks and wooden desks are equal in weight. While this makes both options suitable for commercial use, solid wood furniture is less likely to break under pressure and offers a more durable design overall.

4.) Design Flexibility: Wood manufacturers offer far more variation when it comes to desk designs compared to glass companies. You can find desks in any style or color you want depending on the manufacturer, while most glass furniture lines stick to a simple modern aesthetic.

5.) Water Damage: While it’s unlikely that you’ll spill liquids on your desk, you should still be concerned about the risk of water damage. If you spill something accidentally, a low-profile wooden desk is more likely to be permanently damaged compared to glass. For example, if you set an ice-cold drink down on a wood surface, its color might run into the furniture grain and you’ll end up with a permanent white streak.

6.) Both available in big space sizes: Both wooden and glass desks are available in big sizes, including multi-desk corner sets that can accommodate large commercial offices.

Which is Better?

While wood and glass desks both provide an executive look for the office with their sleek designs and bold colors, there are some significant differences between the two materials. These include durability, weight, design flexibility and translucence. However, while glass desks might appear more transparent and sleek, wood desks can offer a stronger and more durable solution that’s perfect for busy professionals and commercial space.

FAQ: Are Glass Desks A Good Idea?

1. Are glass desks worth it?

Glass desks can be a great way to liven up your office décor and invest in high-end furniture pieces that work well with most existing décors. If you need a new desk and want to improve the look of your office, then glass is definitely something you should consider.


While glass desks might not be the best choice for every office, they’re a great option if you want something that’s more durable and resistant to damage. You’ll still need to properly maintain your new desk, but it can last for decades without showing wear and tear. Remember to avoid greasy foods and any harsh chemicals as these can leave permanent stains on the surface. Glass desks are a great choice for homeowners and business owners alike, especially in professional offices where you need a durable desk that still looks stylish.

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