Difference: Drafting Chair Vs Office Chair- Which Is Better For You?

Drafting chairs and office chairs are both types of chairs that you might find in an office, but they have different purposes. A drafting chair is designed to be used while you are sitting at a desk and drawing or working on a computer. An office chair is more general-purpose and can be used for tasks like reading or typing as well as sitting at a desk. You may be wondering which type of chair is better for you.

In this blog post, we will discuss the pros and cons of drafting chairs and office chairs so that you can make an informed decision about which type of chair is best for you. Let’s take a closer look at the differences between these two types of chairs.

How do drafting chairs differ from office chairs

#1.) drafting chairs are specifically for use with a drafting table:

Drafting chairs like Hylone are designed to be used at a drafting table. A drafting table is a specific type of desk that is designed for tasks like drawing and writing, whereas an office desk will have space for computer equipment as well as other tasks.

drafting chairs with a drafting table

The design of the chair will be different depending on whether you need it to fit under a typical office desk or a drafting table.

#2.) More Particularly for designers:

Drafting chairs are designed for occupations such as architect, civil engineer, draftsmen, and anyone who is not in the office but needs to sit at a desk while they work. Because of their utilitarian function and design, drafting chairs often resemble ergonomic task chairs.

#3.) Supportive foot bars:

Drafting chairs often have a supportive foot bar that is a solid piece of metal under the front portion of the chair. This helps to anchor your legs and provide more stability when you need it most while sitting on a drafting chair.

drafting chairs supportive foot bar

The foot bar on a drafting stool is designed to match the height of the desk so that you can work with your legs at about 90 degrees.

#4.) Height higher than a conventional table:

Drafting chairs are designed so that the seat of the chair is higher than a conventional table. This makes it more comfortable to sit for extended periods of time on a drafting stool.

drafting chairs height vs office chairs

This gives the user an ergonomic treat when they are not working at their desk, but it can also make the chair larger and more attention taking.

#5.) Both hard and soft seated drafting stools:

Drafting Chairs and stools come in both hard seat and soft seat options. A hard-seated chair will generally have a wooden seat, whereas a soft-seated option has padding built in.

hard and soft seated drafting stools

If you are buying a drafting chair or stool that you will use as seating around the home, then we recommend that you choose a soft-seated option.

#6.) Drafting chairs have fewer Back angle options:

A drafting chair will have less options when it comes to the back angle. Drafting chairs are designed to be used when you are sitting up straight, so they may not offer many adjustments when it comes to the back angle.

office chair vs drafting chair adjustability reclining angles options

An office chair might have more adjustments in regards to changing the reclining angle of the seat or being able to adjust the angle of the backrest.

#7.) Drafting chairs have more height options:

Drafting chairs tend to have a wider range of available seat heights. It is common for a drafting stool or chair to be able to adjust from 19″ all the way up to 30″. Offices chairs typically only go up to about 23+” in height.

#8.) Drafting stools are not terribly comfortable:

Drafting chairs are built to be used while you are sitting up straight. Office chairs, on the other hand, are designed to be nice and comfortable. Drafting stools usually have a bare metal frame, which will not be very comfortable if you plan to spend an extended period of time in your chair. If you need a chair that you will only be using for short periods of time, then a drafting chair may work well. If you are looking for an all-day option, then we recommend that you look into buying an office chair instead.

How do office chairs differ from drafting chairs?

#1.) More Ergonomics:

Office chairs like SHIOO are usually ergonomically designed with features like comfortable armrests, adjustable height, headrest, and lumbar support. Drafting chairs often feature very little adjustability because they are meant to be used only at a drafting table.

#2.) Comfort entire body, head, neck:

Office chairs like mfavour are usually designed to be comfortable for the entire body. Drafting chairs, on the other hand, are not made with such a wide variety of features and may only be comfortable for long periods of time after you have adjusted them properly.

#3.) More Robust lumbar support:

Office chairs often have a separate cushion to support the lower back and an adjustable feature to locate it properly for the person sitting in the chair.

difference office chair and drafting robust lumbar support

Drafting chairs may also provide lumbar support, but it is typically not as well-designed or accessible as that of an office chair.

#4.) Fabric Variety:

Drafting chairs are made of stronger material than office chairs. Office chairs may be made of leather or fabric, polyester, or even breathable mesh which is usually chosen for its appearance rather than durability. Drafting chairs, on the other hand, are usually not so upholstered and are designed to be more durable than their counterparts in an office because they need to handle constant use. This means that drafting chairs are typically made of metal or plastic throughout.

Which is better: a drafting chair or an office chair?

Drafting chairs and office chairs are designed for two different purposes. Drafting chairs are made to be used at a drafting table, while office chairs are able to be used in an office or around the home. Because of this, there is no clear-cut answer as to which chair design is best. Instead, it all depends on what your needs are.

Here’s the deal of the day-

Best Drafting ChairAt Good Price
Best Office ChairReasonable Cost

Drafting chairs may be better for those who need to sit at a desk for long periods of time and require specific features like adjustable height, but office chairs will likely be more comfortable than drafting chairs that lack such features.

Office ChairDrafting ChairDifference
Headrest present No headrestHeadrest
Yes, models with adjustable lumbarYes, not adjustableLumbar
Yes from 105- 135 degreesNoRecline
15″-22″27″-37″Height Adjust.
2D to 4D available Basic FacilityArmrest
Comparison Table of Office chair Vs Drafting Chairs

Drafting Chair vs Office Chair: Faqs?

Q: Can I buy a drafting chair and use it at an office?

A: Yes, most drafting chairs can be used for both purposes. However, keep in mind that most drafting chairs do not have many of the features that you would find on office chairs like adjustable arms or lumbar support. This is because such features are usually not necessary for a drafting chair.

Q: What is the difference between a drafting chair and a drafting stool?

A: Drafting stools are very similar to drafting chairs, but they are designed specifically for use by architects. Drafting stools typically have five legs and may even come with adjustable height from the floor. Because of this, drafting stools will often be more sturdy than other types of chairs that you would find in an office.

Q: Do I need to purchase a drafting chair or an office chair?

A: Drafting chairs are designed for use at a drafting table, while office chairs do not have any special requirements other than being able to be used for tasks around the house or office. However, drafting chairs do not typically have features like adjustable arms or lumbar support whereas office chairs often do. This means that if you are looking for a medium-range price chair that is comfortable but can also be used in a variety of ways, then an office chair would likely be the better choice. If you plan on using your chair only at a drafting table, then a drafting chair would be the better choice.

Q: What is drafting chairs used for?

A: Drafting chairs are designed to be used at a drafting table, which is usually higher than the average desk or workstation. Because of this, most of these chairs have five legs instead of the standard four for more stability. In addition, most drafting chairs will also have fixed high heights and not be able to adjust as expected. This is because these two factors help to make the drafting table more stable and level for use with a variety of different projects.

Q: Can I buy an office chair and use it at a drafting table?

A: Yes, most office chairs can be used for either purpose. Many models of office chairs are designed to provide extra support in the lower back so that you can sit comfortably for long periods of time. However, keep in mind that not all office chairs have features like a tall adjustable height feature a drafting chair has, the more likely it will be better suited for sitting at a high desk.

Q: Are ergonomic chairs designed with drafting tables in mind?

A: Not all chairs, ergonomic chairs are designed to improve posture and reduce stress on your back, which is perfect for sitting at a drafting table. However, some models of ergonomic chairs are not designed for long periods of time and lack features like adjustable height that drafting chairs will typically you need.

Q: Are there any factors I should consider when choosing between a drafting chair and an office chair?

A: Yes, keep in mind that drafting chairs are often made with stronger materials than most office chairs and may lack some of the common features that you will find on most office chairs. Drafting chairs also tend to be more adjustable than an average office chair with many models offering height adjustment so that they can be used at a drafting table with multiple heights.


Office chairs are designed for sitting at an office desk. Drafting chairs, on the other hand, are not only designed to be used in an office reception, designing studios but also for standing up frequently. For these purposes, drafting chairs proves to be made with higher quality materials than office chairs and come with different features like arms to support your forearms when writing or drawing.

Office chairs can be used for other purposes like reading or working on a computer, while drafting chairs are not meant to be used in other ways. Office chairs tend to have more adjustability than drafting chairs and often come with ergonomic support. Drafting chairs are typically less expensive than office chairs, but can also cost more depending on their features.

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